Spa City Leather is one of the few luxury leather companies that gives the designer complete control over their leather. The main concept and principal behind Spa City Leather is that there is a void in the market place for custom luxury leather at an affordable price with a reasonable lead time. All of our leather is made and shipped out of upstate, NY.

For over two hundred years our community in upstate, NY has been producing finished leather for all applications on a global level. Over the last twenty years many consumers have chosen international manufacturers for their leather, for economical purposes. Recently we started to get our customers back, they were tired of the poor quality, long lead times and inefficient communication with over seas manufacturers. When orders were placed, the leather looked nothing like the swatch they had originally chosen, putting them behind on their projects.

Today, Spa City Leather offers the highest level of customer service and we take pride in providing a wide range of finishes and techniques for luxury leathers. We've created a user-friendly environment for today's design professionals in the custom leather market.
Hi, my name is Erica Wager and I distribute and finish luxury leathers for designers. 

I have worked with people since the age of 13 at my first job as a bus-girl at a local breakfast restaurant. At a young age I was able to realize every person is different with different needs. Since then I have worked in customer relations for textile, insurance and then a produce company. Most of my social skills have been self taught along the way and from my loving family. After learning that I worked very well with people I knew I could do many things that I enjoyed. I am in the leather business because I enjoy working with designers and giving them an outlet to get that custom piece they cannot find elsewhere. A little more about my company.....