Our color specialist, Brent is unparalleled. Matching anything from paint chips, fabric swatches or anything tangible is what we excel in. Sometimes customization is required to make that special space even more unique or just perfect.
Distressing leather gives you the timeless appeal without the long wait for it to naturally patina. There are many ways to achieve this look including wax pull ups, hand wipes and drum rolling.

Gerald, our highly skilled hand wipe specialist can match any antiqued or distressed piece. 
Exotic embossings from animal prints, rustic traditional, ultra modern and classic. A collection of over 50,000 plates are available for cowhide, lambskin, suede, wall and floor tiles. The leather is stamped under very high pressure to imprint the design, creating a two-toned look naturally. Embellish the print with a second or multi color hand wipe. Metallics are always optional!
French inspired, Gauffrage speaks elegantly of it's history. A nod to pure elegance and classic patterns that are timeless. Over 280 historically accurate patterns, the broadest selection in the world. Featuring Damask, Moire and Scroll. The difference between rollers and plating is simple. The design is rolled on to the leather, there will not be any plate lines on these pieces.
Finished from matte to very shiny. Metallic pigments are applied to custom colors. Not just silver and gold anymore, but also pearls, greens, blues and coppers, any custom color! This technique gives the leather a higher resistance to wear and "accidents."
Available in your custom color.
Perfect leather for the historic London pub look. This timeless finish gives you the rustic appeal without then ten year wait for the leather to patina. A protective clear coat is added to the surface giving it a very deep sheen and provides an elegant luster and excellent wear ability. Achieved by using wax and oils this finish is like wine, only getting better with age. 
Available in your custom color.