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Leather tiles are unique.

With wear, they gradually develop a rich, natural patina which is the true mark of quality leather. Leather floors and walls soften sound, warm the atmosphere, feel great on bare-feet, get better with age and become a focal point to any room.

The leather used for both all types of tiles is tanned by an age-old green process using the finest, most selected hides. The slow tanning process was originally used to make leather for industrial use for fine saddlery. Vegetable tanning adds extra life and resilience to the hide, creating an ever breathing, changing leather, it enhances the natural beauty of the hide while keeping it strong.

Cutting the tiles requires specially built dies and heavy duty cutting equipment in order to maintain equal pressure. the results are amazing, a life long leather accessory for the home, office, hotel, restaurant, etc. Leather floor and wall tiles are the ultimate luxury.

Custom die cuts can be made within 2-3 weeks for a few hundred dollars, depending on the shape, size and intricacy of the pattern. The floor and wall patterns are limitless, from parquet, herringbone, stripe, you decide the pattern.  Many die cut sizes are readily available if you don't want to make a custom one. 

​Thousands of emboss plates and hundreds of our gauffrage rollers are also available for tiles.
Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I care for my leather floor?
A: Dust is necessary. Wax them with a carnauba or butchers wax and buff. The process is comparable to the care of hardwood floors.

Q: Are leather floor tiles more expensive or less expensive than a wood floor, or a wool carpet floor of the same dimension?
A: The cost of a leather floor is comparable to excellent quality hardwood or custom wool carpet.

Q: Will the wear and tear on a leather floor be greater or smaller than a hardwood floor?
A: Almost the same, however, leather will develop a rich patina and age beautifully.

Q: To what surface is it best to glue the tiles? What surface is not suggested?
A: A new AC plywood is the best. Never apply tiles on a finished surface, as the adhesive will adhere to the finish rather than the substrate. Never apply to drywall or sheetrock.

Q: Are there adhesives we recommend to the designer, contractor or installer?
A: Yes, Lokweld H2O

Q: What are the capabilities for custom embossing? For example, corporate logo?
A: Great. Leather takes embossing beautifully.

Q: How should an outside edge be treated on a wall application?
A: It can be framed with wood, leather or brass, stained or left as is to darken with age.

Q: How do I clean my leather floor or wall tiles?
A: You don't.

Q: No really, How do I clean my leather floor or wall tiles?
A: No really, You DON'T.
"It was beautiful and exactly to my specifications, amazingly quick turnaround time, and they are a pleasure to do business with." Chris Jovanelly